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10 mar 2006

My Beloved hamster "Qooy" had passed away on 6th March, she been with me for 2 years plus. She's fat and doesn't look like a hamster, I miss her so much now... I miss the way she sleep, the way she lie on my hand, her smell..

May she rest in peace...

17 feb 2006

Lastest upcoming Mmorpg :

RF Online US Version

Dungeons & Dragons Online

For those Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Fans, Tune into Channel U every Sat 9pm. Its a great Series for all the Fans, for those who doesn't play that game might find its only a so so chinese fairytale series.

And also a wonderful clips perform by my friend Ionray n Firm by Damon, full of stuns ! All da best to be a Stun Man .


Ionray Stun Guy

dungeons & dragons online ( Part ii )

28 dec 2005

Happy New Year ! As 2006 is arriving, D&D Online is reaching. I'm glad that my former Guildmaster is Playing along with some of my best Mmorpg companion. As we were discussing which class to choice, seems like everyone is in doubt. I'll soon make a forum and hopefully everyone could discuss in it, but not only d&d online will be used in it more good stuff could post in it. ( well i cant put in the "you know what" here ) until then.. here are more screenshots :


Char Create

Skills and Stats

Happy New Year !


dungeons & Dragons online

22 dec 2005

Dungeons & Dragons™ Online: Stormreach™ Is Now Available For Preorder Online! Finally they will arrive at 02/28/2006, I hope there wouldn't be any delay, just like how I bought my World of Warcraft.

The Preorder Page

And some of the Screenshots : Click to enlarge

In side Dungeon

In the Tavern


Creating Char

Will post more pictures ^^ , btw I'm not selling or being paid to promote for them, but this is a Great game. Hopefully all my mmorpg friends could reunited and play this fantastic MMO.

Merry Xmas ^^



09 DEC 2005

I made this webby is to share most updated games, softwares, good stuffs etc with friends. I hope the web hosting for this company could provide me with php ^^ , so i could do more with the webby . But nvm till then.. let me get this webby running.


Current interesting mmo :


Upcoming mmorpg :

RF Online

If you're interested in GBA Rom :

Final Fantasy IV Advance

Release Date: Dec 12, 2005 ( I'll post up the free ROM )

for those who don't know, you can actually play Gameboy Advance on your pc, and download the game to play its all free.

Phil Vachey - LBA (From Relentless)

To Qooy.. I missed you... so much..